TRR “Podcast” Episode 18 – 2014 NBA Draft Predictions

TRR Podcast Episode 18 – 2014 NBA Draft Predictions by Therunningrec on Mixcloud

The fellas get together to discuss who’s getting who in the 2014 NBA Draft; who they believe will be the number one pick, and which players should teams get based on their need. Theirs a lot to discuss, join the conversation and listen to the podcast on Mixcloud.

The Group Of Drama

The U.S. Men’s National Team Will Face Germany At The 2014 FIFA World Cup

If you think about it, it would have been boring, mundane, probably uneventful. It would have been straightforward, unexciting, deserving of a shrug of the shoulders and a “meh.” A consecutively kinder World Cup draw for the U.S. Men’s national team, this time perhaps in the “Group of life” with Switzerland, Ecuador and France, might have provided more room for comfort and confidence for American fans ahead of June, but may as well have offered less to truly capture the imagination of the neutral.

What the U.S. has gotten instead, if not the toughest group in Brazil 2014, is the most drama-filled pairing of them all. For a spectacle that comes just once every four years, Friday’s draw at the Costa do Sauípe Resort in Bahia provided three match-ups that are truly worth the wait. Continue reading

TRR Podcast Episode 15 – Liverpool Optimism

After Liverpool drop four points in the Premier League and lose to long-time rivals Manchester United at Old Trafford in the League Cup — which all the sudden means the Reds have a three-match winless streak on their hands after going unbeaten since March — @JoeMilord still can’t help but feel his optimism reach a season high after witnessing Brendan Rodgers’ use of the 3-4-2-1 system against the Red Devils. To make sure he’s not crazy, he calls up the generally unbiased @Awhosane to thoroughly go through the talking points and reasons for looking on the bright side in an attempt to filter out what’s reasonable and what is down to irrational fanaticism.

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